The workshops take place on Pentecost 2021:

  • Saturday 22.05.21
  • Sunday 23.05.21
  • Moday 24.05.21

Workshop-Level Lindy Hop.

Beginner / Intermediate

You started dancing Lindy Hop a few months ago and you know the basic steps. You know the base of the Lindy Hop like the Swingout, Lindy Circle, Side by Side Charleston and some more figures. In this level you expand the basics and learn more figures. Leading and following are central to this course.


You dance at least 1 year regularly Lindy Hop. You know all Lindy basic figures and some jazz steps and you can dance this also for medium-fast speed. Leading and following of basic figures are not a problem for you. You’ve also gained experience on the social dance floor. You would like to work on your technique and expand your figure repertoire.

Intermediate / Advanced

You have been dancing regularly for several years and are confident in leading or following. You like to improvise and feel good on social dancing. You see how much more Lindy Hop can be besides moves or styling. Technique, musicality and improvisation are areas in which you want to develop yourself.


Please take your time before signing up for this level. The basics of musicality are an integral part of your dancing and you have developed your own style. If you are at other international workshops, you are in the advanced level. Technique, creativity, musicality, variety, precision, etc. are topics you constantly work on. In this level, details are tuned in at any musical tempo, the challenge is big, and it is assumed that you can quickly pick up pieces.

Please note:

Please read the description of the levels carefully. If you are not sure which class you may chose, you can ask the teacher in your dancing class. A reasonable choice of your level makes the lesson more profitable for you and improves the level of the whole group.

There are no auditions for the workshops. During the first workshop class teachers can classify participants into a different level. Judging by the teacher serves the formation of balanced levels.

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