Alice and Felipe

Alicestarted dancing at the very young age of 4 years old and have done numerous types of dances until she felt in love with Lindy Hop and Solo Jazz. She has now been swing dancing for 14 years and keep being fascinated by the art of improvisation. Connecting with her partner through rhythm helps her dance her following and is the most inspiring thing to her at the moment. She has been spreading the joy of Lindy Hop and Authentic Jazz in more than 30 countries through teaching, performing, competing and social dancing. She loves the diversity of  movement and the freedom of expression this dance brings to the world. She hopes to keep learning things and keep on inspiring people for as long as possible.

Felipe – many ask how he learned Lindy Hop so quickly: transitioning from a toilet-cleaning newbie dancer marveling at the Folkets Hus floor to a Herräng instructor in three short years. The explanation is simple: his pre-Lindy life prepared him for what was to come.

Training in theatrical acting gave Felipe body awareness and control as well as an ability to improvise – both in his energetic and now infamous class warm-ups, and in the competitions where he always shines. Felipe’s experience playing drums, as well as his youth in Brazil – where the music and dance culture are rich – gave him an innate sense of rhythm. And finally Felipe’s days as a dancing party-animator for a live music club in Brazil gave him plenty of training for getting people excited about dancing in his Lindy Hop classes today. But more important than any of this is that Felipe has embodied the Lindy Hop spirit since before he knew it existed. It is hard to find someone who doesn’t like Felipe.

His warm personality charms every dancer he meets, and his ability to connect with people in conversation carries over onto the dance floor. He leaves every follower with a smile, and anyone who has danced or talked with him will confirm he always makes you feel special.