Agenda and Parties

3 rushing swing parties with live band on Saturday and Sunday:
Date Time Location Band / DJ Costs in CHF*
07.06.2019 20.30 – 01.00 Lokremise Band: Coniglio Connection
08.06.2019 20.30 – 03.00 Lokremise Band: Djoukil
09.06.2019 20.30 – 01.30 Lokremise Band: Djoukil

* The costs for parties are integrated in the workshop passes.

Please note:

There is a box office at the parties. The number of the tickets for the parties are limited. No pre-order is possible for single evening tickets. 


We are happy to welcome on Friday night the band Coniglio Connection. On Saturday and Sunday we will have Djoukil for excellent dancing nights.


Djoukil is a group of French musicians from Lyon joined by their common passion for the music of Django Reinhardt style Gypsy Jazz and American Swing. Their favorite era being the jazz/swing rhythms and melodies of the 1940s makes them a much sought after band for swing dances, festivals and concerts in France these last 10 years.

Coniglio Connection

When the magical hat sounds one tone after another, one rhythm gives the next and resonates bare trumpet, trombone, bass and ukulele, then CONIGLIO CONNECTION has enchanted its audience and one can only stop dancing after the last note.

The band was founded in 2017 by Rico Fischbacher in cooperation with the Lindy Hop Club Sitterbugs for a swing event in the Lattich in St.Gallen. Since then, the CONIGLIO CONNECTION has been enchanting audiences in other trendy places of today, with gaudy hits from the 20s and 30s.


In the heart of the city there is a unique place for culture: The Lokremise – the cross-cultural cultural center with theater, dance, cinema, art and restaurant in inspiring proximity. The beautiful, large room in the Industrial Design invites you to long dance nights.

If arriving by car please use the parking garage “Bahnhof” or “Kreuzbleiche”.

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