About us

Swing ohne Senf – Where does the name come from

First for all who do not speak German: Senf = mustard ;o)

In addition to the textile industry, the monastery and the Abbey Library, the University and the OLMA, St. Gallen has another well known tradition: the St. Gallen Bratwurst – a culinary specialty that can be enjoyed without mustard. The people from St.Gallen believe that the flavor of the sausage only really comes into its own if you eat it without mustard (or ketchup or sauces). The pleasure of pure taste can also be found in our event name: Swing ohne Senf – swinging dance enjoyment, which simply is funny.

The organization team of swing ohne Senf

The OK of Swing ohne Senf is looking forward to a great event with great participants:

  • Nina Braschler: event management
  • Sandro Ruch: event management
  • Roland Schäfer: communications
  • Carola Gerschwiler: event schedule and agenda
  • Reto Braschler: volunteers, locations, food, logistics
  • Philipp Wälti: volunteers, locations, food, logistics
  • Claude Rieser: finances

For questions, inputs and feedback, please contact us at the following e-mail address: info(at)swingohnesenf.ch